Beware Emotional Vampires!

“I have come to drink your blood! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Last but not least, beware of the Life-Draining Emotional Vampire! Unlike the fictional Vampire, this emotion monster is quite prevalent throughout our everyday lives!

The Emotional Vampire is a pessimistic, gossiping, negative, life-draining individual. They are amongst our friends, family members, and within our work settings—even you could be one!

The Emotional Vampire is a fairly popular amongst their peers, and thrive off of gossip and cliques. They enjoy finding the negative in all things and sharing it with everyone.

Their negativity is so contagious that they “bite” others and make them become an emotional vampires as well.  They huddle around the coffee machine at work or crowd around a specific person’s desk to relieve themselves of 50 complaints before they actually begin their shift. Most of the comments they make are ‘life-draining” and before you know it, you are brought down to their level!

Don’t get “bitten!”

Don’t be an Emotional Vampire or inadvertently join the Emotional Vampire Group at work or other social settings. There are great ways to change this atmosphere in the workplace, social setting, or to change yourself– other than wearing a garlic wreath!

Be very mindful of what types of subjects and comments that you make. “Man I think I am so fat!” Or, “I can’t stand when it is raining”. Maybe you may think you are making a simple “comment” however it could be very well perceived as a negative comment. Observe how often you or someone is saying these things. The next step is to make an effort to change those comments or conversations into something positive, or do not comment at all! You may not be able to control what someone else is saying, however you can control your own thoughts and comments. Slowly but surely, you may be able to adjust your work environment which could also adjust your everyday life!




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