Healthy Holidays

Healthy and Holidays can actually be in same sentence! December is the time for pie, ham, bread, cranberries, and weight gain. Despite everything, you can still have a healthy Holiday! It is very much so possible! And the key to a healthy Holidays!

Mindfulness and Preparation!

Any and every meal can be healthy and simple! All you need is a little awareness and a little preparation to conquer your temptations!

Yes, those cookies look extra soft this year and that 1-pound buttered mashed potatoes looks like whipped ice cream, but here a few tips to help you stay in shape for the holiday parties to come!

Your Grocery List, Snacking, and Proportions

Whether you are the chef of the Holiday Dinner or an attendee, if you are trying to stay healthy, be mentally aware of temptation. Do not shovel mountains of food in your mouth and not expect a change in your belt loops. It will be tempting once the smell of food is wafting in the air and the steaming brownies are fresh out the oven. However, once you have strategically prepared your surroundings and monitor what you eat beforehand, your temptations will stay low!

Start with your grocery list

What is going to be on your table this year? Maybe you are the only one being “conscience” of your choices, prepare your own side dishes that are smarter choices as well. Surround yourself with both healthy and traditional options. Still have the typical turkey, mash potatoes, but now add leafy greens, carrots, and kale. This is a great option so you may have the best of both worlds while maintaining a balanced meal.

Or maybe you are attending someone’s Holiday event. Bring a few healthy dishes along to share! So everyone can have healthy alternatives as well! Mashed cauliflower, pan-seared green beans, honey-glazed carrots, etc. This will lessen your temptations to eat unhealthy. Plus! No one likes a guest who shows up empty handed!


“Maybe just a little nibble of this, and a bite of that—it won’t hurt right?” That is what I always tell myself too. But we are being dishonest with ourselves! That single bite can turn into a full plate of cookies fast! And the trek from prep to table seems to take eons to wait! One way to prevent snacking is by always being full with something healthy! For breakfast, have a nice, well-rounded meal. Eggs, toast, orange juice, fruit. The night before, prepare small healthy snacks or small meals for every 2 hours of the duration of your dinner prepping. Yogurt, then hearty salad, wheat toast, and of course ample water. Water with a little fruit slices will also help you feel fuller and less hungry. By mealtime, you are not as hungry and lessening your temptation to pile on the food. You’ve also given your body what it needs to remain satiated. 


Instead of using a HUGE plate, maybe opt to use a smaller bowl instead. Make up in your mind that you will have only 1 plate/bowl of food, a slice of dessert, and be done! If you don’t have a large plate, you can’t overeat!

The Holidays can be healthy and enjoyable. You don’t have to punish yourself or isolate yourself from those cherished traditions. Plan your meals wisely, damper the snacking, and utilize a smaller plate. All of these combined will help you be bikini ready well before your New Year’s Resolution starts!




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