How Was Your 2015?

How Well Did Your Last Year’s New Year’s Resolution Go?

When I created my resolution, I made sure it was something reasonable and definitely manageable!

I decided that I wanted to make it a habit to make my bed every single day.

And I am very happy and proud to report that I made my bed every single day except maybe 2 or 3 days throughout the entire year! And can you believe it? It is now a habit! Matter of fact, now my boyfriend even makes his bed everyday too!

Everyday, I wake up, brush my teeth, and flap my comforter, and done! My habit takes only 15 seconds and it honestly changes the way I feel everyday when I come home! My entire apartment looks well put together and there is nothing better than hopping into a bed with ice-cold sheets!

I will admit that one of the days that I missed was within the first few weeks my Resolution. And to be honest, I was rather disappointed with myself. I didn’t want to fizzle and allow myself to ruin yet another Resolution! I was fully committed and I had NO EXCUSE to not perform a 15 second routine, especially if it made me feeling exponentially better at the end of my day. I had to keep it up!

How well did your New Year’s Resolution hold up throughout the entire year? Did you start out with a fury but fizzle by the 2nd month?

Though you may have fizzled, maybe you fell off at some point during the year. Reexamine everything. Was it a realistic expectation? Was it truly within your capabilities? Were you actually too busy? Why? Examine everything as a whole and see where you fell short.

I have done the “I am going to lose 20 pounds in the next 2 weeks” Resolution before and of course, it predictably failed! I was not mentally prepared for such a drastic change in lifestyle and I felt that I let myself down. As much as I still want to lose 20 pounds, always ask myself, I am fully committed to this?

Now ask the same for yourself.

Are you fully committed to this change in lifestyle? Be honest with yourself! It is absolutely ok to not be ready for such a change, and if you are ready, will hold yourself accountable?

Keep in mind, you do not have to do the extreme! Matter of fact, who says it has to be anything major? Some of the simplest of changes in lifestyle are the most impactful!

This year, I would like floss every night! It sounds silly but it is a beneficial Resolution! Of course it will encourage dental health and it is very simple! It is a 5 minute routine! No excuses!

What do you want to accomplish for your New Year’s Resolution?




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