Are You More Than Skin and Bones?

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BEWARE Emotional Monsters


Skeletons are people who are emotionally unstable. They wear their hearts and emotions on their sleeves and are completely vulnerable to the world around them. They have a hard time keeping themselves in one piece. They tend to be insecure and need constant reassurance to be able to continue functioning in their lives.

Do you?
1. Depend heavily on others for stability in your own life
2. Have a hard time managing your feelings
3. Have a tendency towards negative thoughts

The “Cure”
These tips are great suggestions to “cure” your characteristics of being a Skeleton

  1. Take a step back to evaluate your emotions
  2. Find a stress relieving outlet
  3. Thought stopping- replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts
  4. Workout! Yoga is a good way to take in positive vibes while letting off steam
  5. Separate small stressors from big ones, then make a plan to attack them
  6. Keep a journal. You can revisit previous stressors and build upon your management methods
  7. Find what triggers your emotions and create an environment that helps you avoid them
  8. See a Mental Health Counselor! They will be able to help you build a plan to become a stronger you!

The “Exorcism”
These tips are great suggestions to “exorcise” the skeletons in your life.

  1. Help them accept responsibility for their emotions
  2. Beware of any enabling. Don’t do anything for them that they can’t do themselves.



Calyen Holmes

About Calyen Holmes

Caylen Holmes is a graduate student at USF St. Pete campus studying Psychology and Infant-Family Mental Health. She is passionate about people and animals and loves learning new things about them. "I love seeing people succeed and find happiness!"