Thanksgiving = Gratitude Day

It is a shame that Thanksgiving is a misinterpreted and underutilized holiday. The core meaning and purpose of Thanksgiving has lost its luster. The unfortunate origin and history of Thanksgiving is tainted. Modern day, it is declared one of the busiest (and greediest) days in retail. It is known as a day to gather for great food and prepare your subscription for Weight Watchers for the New Years. However, it is a shame that the main words, “thanks” and “giving” is not stressed during this holiday!

There are many reasons to give thanks but it is even more vital to take the time reflect upon the moments that are most meaningful. Despite Society’s practices, the modern day Thanksgiving should be returned to it’s essence, giving thanks and giving back.

Say Thanks!

Take a moment to reflect what you are grateful for! Reflect on the past year. Reflect on all of the changes that have happened; the people who have helped you; the people who have saved you; the people who were once there and no more; the people who you no longer interact with on a daily basis but still have a distant friendship now; maybe the barista that always remembers your order and throws in a free treat every once in awhile. The list continues! Think of all of those moments and just say “thank you” out loud. Inform the person that you are thinking of, and express your gratuity by sending a thoughtful text or holiday card. Even if the person is not there or even if it is an inanimate item or an event, thank it out loud for has helping you develop. This Thanksgiving, tell everyone and everything why you are grateful and memories that you cherish with them.

Give Back!

This Thanksgiving, let’s make it a tradition to GIVE! How often do you give back to others? Or do something special for someone who has always been there? Though the action of giving is a rare occurrence but shouldn’t be a chore! It is a must! Share your compassion, your love, or even express your gratitude by giving! There are several ways to give however helping those who are less fortunate is possibly the best way. Why? You may not know their story, you may not know the circumstances they are in, but you may something to give that you have! Give your time, give your excess money, give your love, give your presence, or give your compassion. Though you may have no attachment to these individuals, just imagine what their everyday looks like. It is autumn and many people have little clothes and even less food to enjoy. Be grateful that you have a home, food, shoes, and coats that you have and others may not. Help them! Give them your old coats, join a food bank, donate shoes. It’s not just old stuff that you are donating, you are donating their Thanksgiving dinner so their children don’t go to bed hungry; it is the boots that will help a homeless man survive the harsh winter months; it is the $40 you may want to spend on shoes but will give a family a roof and warm bed to rest their heads– it is the mercy that Society sometimes lacks. If you have it, GIVE it!  

Let’s change the tone and purpose of Thanksgiving as a Society. Let’s focus our energy towards the “Thanks” and “Giving” aspect of this holiday! It is a great season and opportunity to give. Proclaim one single day during the month of November that you will be completing your Gratitude Day! It is should not a chore, an obligation, but it is truly something that you feel in your heart.

“Thank” you for “giving” thanks this Thanksgiving!




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