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How Has Your New Year’s Resolution Held Up?

As January comes to a close, how has your New Year’s Resolution turned out?

Last year, it was my goal to make my bed everyday and it turned into a daily routine (I still do it today!). However this New Year’s Resolution seems to be difficult to maintain. I took a moment to examine what could be hindering my lifestyle changes and my success as well.

My Resolution this year was to change my eating habits, begin to study for a major test, and floss every night. But I have found that my underlying hinderance was: Time Management and Discipline.

My New Year’s Resolution is suffering from my inability to set a SOLID schedule for all of these changes and I am assuming the same issue may be occurring for you!

Do you have a set schedule to follow and do you stick to it? Have you been consistent? And let’s be honest, have you completely forgotten your goal in general?

You must remember why you started your Resolution in the first place! What does it truly mean to you? Now set your goals then set your schedule. If it is seeming to be difficult to maintain, what adjusts must be made?

For example, the lifestyle change with the least amount of effort is suffering! I can’t seem to floss everyday! The one item that takes less than 5 minutes is the most neglected change! I have also found that work, traffic, or extracurricular events have disturbed my schedule as well. Sometimes traffic is so miserable, I arrive home 45 minutes past the time I was supposed to workout. Or my boss buys pizza for the office and I already had my itty-bitty lunch.

Nevertheless, these goals truly matter to me and I must PUSH HARDER. I need to reconstruct my schedule, be flexible and adaptive to changes, and pave a routine into my schedule.

So revamp and renew your Resolution! Commit and stay on track! These changes will not happen overnight, matter of fact, you may not see any changes until months later! But don’t be discouraged, keep going! You will find success!





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